Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Comcraft Mod Loader

Comcraft Mod Loader is a project for allowing mods to load into Comcraft. It was created by simon816 (GitHub profile simon816) and is still under development.


Comcraft Mod Loader allows you to create mods using a friendly JavaScript language. It uses a JavaScript parser called MINIJOE, "Minimal Javascript Object Environment". It implements the ECMA-262 Standard except from these differences. Check out the Getting Started guide for more information.

You can easily place all your mods in a comcraft/mods/ directory on your SD card or internal memory. Check out the tutorial.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Open Source Release

Comcraft is now open source! Everyone can view and modify its source code, so creating mods is finally possible!

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Open source

Comcraft will be released as an open source project within 2 weeks. It's a great news, isn't it?

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Comcraft 1.0

Comcraft 1.0 is out! Yes, not 0.6, but 1.0. Why? Because this is a final version and "Comcraft 1.0 " looks much better than "0.6".

Major changes:

  • Added Stairs
  • Added Fence
  • Added Chest (decoration)
  • Added Emoticon Block
  • Added Alphabet Block
  • Added growing Wheat (decoration)
  • Added new types of TNT (strong and weak)
  • Fixed bug with opening double doors
  • Fixed bug with cobblestone and water
  • New resolution supported: 176x220
  • Some other bug fixes
  • Terrain can be randomly generated
  • You can take screenshots right from the game
  • New colors of slabs
  • Blue Hello Words in main menu
  • TNT can be only activated using Detonator
  • Worlds up to 1024x!

Can I unlock Comcraft 1.0 to a full version using a registration key from Comcraft 0.5?
Yes, you can.

Comcraft 1.0 Preview

Comcraft 1.0 will be released today! I hope you'll enjoy the gameplay :)