Sunday 2 December 2012

Comcraft 0.5

Comcraft 0.5 is out! What's new?

title blocks
  • music by BartÅ‚omiej Bemowski
  • water & lava
  • slabs
  • title blocks
  • doors
  • torches (decoration only)
  • TNT
  • flowers
  • some new supported languages
  • deeper flat world
  • rename world function
  • some bugfixes
  • pumpkins turn in our direction
  • antyaliasing (it isn't supported by some phones)
  • new resolution: 480x800
  • you can fly as hight as you want!

Important notes (!!!):

Game requirements: 
- MIDP 2.0 
- CLDC 1.1 
- Mobile 3D Graphics 1.1 
- File Connection 1.0 
- Internet connection (registration only)

How to purchase Comcraft in the Opera Mobile Store via SMS?
(However, we recommend to use e.g. PayPal)

The reply from apps.opera/ Support:

We would like to inform you that, If the wish to purchase program through "Pay by Mobile" . We recommend you to browse the program and click on "Pay by Mobile" button available on the program.

Please select the country and enter your mobile number. Automatically you'll receive secure PIN code – you enter it online, please send code that you receive it ZONG to complete the transaction.

The key in the SMS from Opera Mobile Store is NOT the Comcraft registration code!

I have a problem with the purchase in the Opera Mobile Store site. What should I do?

If I buy Comcraft once, will I be able to download further updates?
Yes, after purshare you will recive special registration key, which unlocks the game to a full version.

How does a registration code look like?
The code is a 14-digit number (e.g. 01234567899876)

(to unlock full version, registration key is required)

Will there ever be a survival or multiplayer mode in Comcraft?
No - remember that Java phones have usually 300-600 MHz processors and 3-20 MB of RAM!